Turbine and Compressor Blades

Ticienne is capable of working on the complex blade shapes used in gas compressors and steam turbines.

Some types of blades are polished manually, while some are polished automatically with 5 and 6 axis numerical control machines which were designed and implemented in-house.

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Grinding of Coatings

Since the early 90s, Ticienne has grinded more than 200 different types of synchro rings for the automotive market.

Furthermore Ticienne is able to grind ball valves intended for the oil & gas field.

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The 5-axis milling allows Ticienne to work on a cube with sides of 700mm.
The maximum workable area with 3-axis milling is 1200 x 640 x 560 mm.

The maximum diameter that can be turned is 700 mm by 1500 mm in length.

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